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Positive difference

We make a difference to over 2,074 educational facilities and businesses across the United Kingdom.

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The zen way

At Zenergi we strive to provide excellence in all areas of service to our clients, colleagues and suppliers based on being professional, efficient, conscientious and progressive at all times. Communications through all levels is the key to our success and we pride ourselves on our exceptional quality of service.

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Our current customer retention rate


Ensuring the appropriate and highest quality of business standards. To encompass appearance, attitude and punctuality whilst still showing consideration for clients and colleagues alike.


Well organised and disciplined within our working environment. To ensure productivity whilst still maintaining the highest standards of service.


Striving always to maintain the highest standards of practice in all aspects of the workplace. To endeavour to improve team performance as well as individual success.


Continually improving our skills, learning new techniques and keeping up to date with all aspects of our job roles. To ensure we always remain one step ahead of our competitors.

Positive vision

We have supplied over 922,566,000 kWh of Local Authority, University and Further Education supplies.

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Positive belief

We want to be the type of business to which customers feel an intimate connection - the type they identify with and want to be associated with because they share the company’s values; they perceive it to be authentic; true to itself, the real mccoy; or because they know they can always count on it to come through; or just because they think its cool.

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Positive feedback

“When I had to consider our energy contracts as part of the new Academy status I contacted Zenergi who provided a free Utility Health Check and gave me some invaluable advice in terms of how to tackle each individual contract to get best value for the school. This resulted in us changing our main electricity and gas contracts over to new suppliers at lower prices and leaving the smaller electricity supply with the previous contract until it came to an end. Zenergi staff have kept me up to date at each stage of the process and are always on hand to provide information and answer any questions I may have. I have received a professional and effective service and can highly recommend Zenergi to other schools and academies.”

Sue Edwards
Director of Finance & Administration

“I cannot recommend Zenergi enough! A brave statement I know, but the customer service they provide; the level of detail they show in each contract renewal; the choices and information they give me for a high cost item, (2nd highest behind wages) is naturally very important to me as a School Business Manager, and also to us as previously a Foundation School, and now Academy. They kind of act as our outsourced energy department and nothing is too much trouble; I have at times value checked them against the local authority buying consortium, but they have continually outstripped them on price and service. You wouldn’t think there would be too much to do with energy as it only needs sorting once a year or two, but now Zenergi validate every electricity and gas invoice every month, and provide me with annual budgets together with what is happening in the energy world. It has made work my life a whole lot easier!”

Jackie Barker
Director of Finance

Our offer

It’s not about what we offer it’s about what we can do for you, what you want from us and how we can make your life easier. We don’t have a list of things we do, but we do have vast experience. That means you can talk to us about anything to do with getting gas and electricity to your business sites - in a way that suits you.

We can solve your energy problems (or make sure none arise). You can let us work as a broker to find the best deal, or use us to interface between you and your suppliers so you can work with someone that cares about your business, rather than a call centre that doesn’t. We’ll be whatever you want us to be, but, above all, we’ll be human.

We’ll deal with your energy requirements in a way that makes you confident, happy and satisfied. From finding the right suppliers, through checking tenders to negotiating contracts, all contact you have with Zenergi will be direct, simple and polite. That’s as important to us as ensuring the energy solution we provide is unfussy and effective.

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6,311 School meters

We have supplied over 4,000 school energy meters and are the UKs leading independent energy supplier

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Our team

At Zenergi, teamwork is about sharing. We share common goals, we share your objectives and we share our skills and experience. Each member of the team is individually empowered to make a difference. We all hold a passion for serving you well and ensuring that your interaction with the complex and confusing world of energy is as straightforward and pleasant as it can be. But it isn’t a ‘you and us’ situation, we’re all on the same team. If you choose to work with Zenergi, you’ll join the team as we work together to make sure you have what you want.

Experienced team

With over 85 years combined experience in the energy sector on the management team alone, Zenergi have dealt with every conceivable aspect of giving customers the best energy packages, advice and service. In that time they’ve also been exposed to one sad, but undeniable truth: you, the customer, are not looked after as well as you should be. Customers are often forced to deal with people who don’t have the experience to provide the right solution and they are invariably treated as a source of profit rather than a person. Kevan and Rachel’s determination to change that drives the spirit of Zenergi.

Leading from the front, the Zenergi team apply skill and knowledge to customer needs and deliver the fruits of their work in a personable, human way – why can’t all businesses work this way!

Want to work with us?

Zenergi is a constantly developing team of committed customer service experts. We are always looking for talented individuals who are dedicated to delivering the Zen Way and being part of something special. If you think you have what it takes your welcome to send us your details and tell us why you should be part of our team.

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Positive choice

We have the experience and expertise and are only a phone call away. It really is as little or much as you like in terms of our involvement and integration with your organisation, if you want a 24 page report or 3 bullet points to take to your next meeting, just ask.

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Our partnerships


In addition to the preferred partner status with ASCL we also support each other at various conferences and events, encouraging school business managers to join the association. ASCL represents more than 15,000 members, including secondary heads, deputy heads, assistant heads, bursars and business managers, college principals, vice-principals and others with whole school/ college responsibility and our numbers continue to grow as more leaders recognise the benefits of joining an association that so clearly addresses their needs.

Preferred supplier

ASCL Preferred supplier


In addition to the NASBM Energy and Water scheme we run together we also support each other at various conferences and events, encouraging school business managers to join the association. The national recognition of the Association has enabled it to expand its services to members and the Association is now recognised as the professional association for those working in school business management.

Approved supplier to

Approved supplier to NASBM Approved supplier to LASBM