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Checking prices for your business energy couldn’t be easier. We’ve made the process quick and easy from beginning to end.

All you need is a recent bill from your existing supplier to check your MPAN or MPR number (although the system can find it for you if not) and your current rates. Enter this, along with a few other consumption and spend details and you’ll see a range of prices from right across the energy market.

When you’ve chosen a supplier, just complete the contract online and sign it electronically. Then your work is done – you just saved your business money in less than 10 minutes.

Compare Gas and Electricity prices for your business and even switch online if you simply want the cheapest price.

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Power is found in calmness and order

If you’re dealing with the energy needs of your business you’ll probably understand the phrase ‘uphill struggle’! The chances are, getting your power supplier to actually help you is more of a problem than you’d hope. And, while you’re busy ensuring continuity of supply and trying to get bills that make sense, the board wants you to cut costs. It’s a constant juggling act, but getting it right is critical. Yet, with today’s new and complex energy markets, getting it right seems to take more time and effort than ever before.

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Simplicity & ease

Zenergi will cut through the confusion, reduce the effort and remove the stress from dealing with the power needs of your business: for electricity and gas. Whether you want some independent advice, someone to broker the best deal, or someone to look after everything to do with powering your business, we can help. Use these links to find out how.

Are you a Single-site business or a Multi-site business?

If you want to show the board, or your colleagues what Zenergi can do for your business give us a call.

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We have supplied over 922,566,000 kWh of energy for our clients.
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Single-site business

Whether your site is a large office building, or a corner shop you need power: electricity, gas, or both. What you don’t need is the hassle of dealing with people who are more interested in profit than people. Sure there are some great price deals out there, but sadly most are subsidised by a reduction in levels of customer service. It’s possible that the time you spend chasing around trying to get the service you want, will cost more than the saving you make on your power!

At Zenergi, we want to help you change that. A single solution that combines competitive pricing with excellent service does exist! Would you like to enjoy dealing with your power needs in a way that is simple, direct, pleasant and productive?

We can make that a reality.

Positive feedback

“Hope you have a lovely Christmas break and thank you very much for your excellent attention to our account. At our recent Cluster meeting here in Coulsdon the other schools still with Croydon were having dreadful problems and I again told them how marvellous your service has been. We are very happy that we changed. Please pass on our good wishes to all at Zenergi.”

Diane Howe
Finance Manager

“The contract seems to be going very well, and I just wanted to tell you how grateful I have been for all the support that we received from your company which made the transition from Laser to the new suppliers, and from school to academy so much easier. It is also reassuring that you check our bills before we receive them. I was just wanting to catch up on the SWALEC contract for our floodlights, which expires, I think, 31.01.2013. At the time if I remember correctly we were paying less than we could have got in the open market, and we were going to review this nearer the time. I haven’t had a renewal offer from Swalec yet, but as soon as I have I will email Zenergi the rate..”

Lorraine Sansom
Business Manager

Multi-site business

Whether you have a hundred sites across the country, or two in one town, Zenergi can bring simplicity, success, and first class service to your energy buying. We do that by adding a wealth of industry experience to a personable, human approach. A simple approach in a complex world – how refreshing is that!

Each multi-site business has individual and specific needs, sadly few of the people you’re likely to talk to about energy genuinely recognise that. A large supplier will be happy to supply all of your sites, but will they get to the bottom of what your admin people want? Many brokers will work in the same way, assuming that all you want is the lowest price. Competitive pricing is important, but a strategic, holistic attitude is more valuable. Zenergi can combine the needs of your administrators with those of your finance department, directors, shareholders and plant. Talk to us and you’ll get what you want, in the way that you want it with straightforward advice in relation to the different purchasing strategies and products available, you’ll quickly understand how we can make your life easier!

If you want to show the board, or your colleagues what Zenergi can do for your business give us a call.

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We purchase over £38m of energy for our clients on an annual basis and are one of the UK’s leading independent energy consultancy.
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