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How does this all fit into your school development plan?

Excellence & business efficiency

  • Contract Procurement
  • Display Energy Certificates
  • Water Audit
  • Maintenance Cover
  • Budget Recovery

Environment & community

  • Energy Survey
  • Full site and premises horizon plan
  • Education and Awareness
  • Green Deal funding
  • Upgrade Project Tender Management
  • Renewable Generation

Teaching & learning

  • Bright SPARC
  • Zenergi Detectives
  • Climate Cops
  • Lesson Plans and Workshops
  • School Benchmarking and League Table

If you want to show the school business team, governors, or parents what Zenergi does and how that fits into your school development, take a look above and give us a call.

Positive feedback

“At the presentation of the audited financial statements of the School for the year ended 31 August 2011 to the Governing body, our Auditors complemented us on our ability to keep our energy costs under control, maintaining increases to the most minimum amounts not seen in any of their other Audit clients.”

John Bueno

“Zenergi have totally removed the day-to-day stress of managing our utility contracts. Their service is pro-active and efficient and the staff knowledgeable and friendly.”

Lindsay Cresswell
Premises Manager

3,132 School meters

We have supplied over 3,000 school energy meters and are the UKs leading independent energy supplier

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Positive choice

We have the experience and expertise and are only a phone call away. It really is as little or much as you like in terms of our involvement and integration with your organisation, if you want a 24 page report or 3 bullet points to take to your next meeting, just ask.

In its most basic form we can work as a broker to find the best deal, liaise with suppliers, check tenders and carry out contract negotiation. This then moves on to total management of your accounts dealing with all queries, validating invoices, to helping you find ways to reduce your bills and in essence become your outsourced energy department, dealing with suppliers, so you don’t have to.

Zenergi will always be direct, simple, and polite and above all, we will be human. It’s as important to us as ensuring the energy and services solution we provide is unfussy and meets your needs. We want to make a difference and ‘go that extra mile’ for you. Energy Procurement in today’s market has become a complex task. Through our range of services we can help you achieve optimum results. Working with organisations of all sizes and in all sectors we assess your requirements and recommend purchasing strategies through our internal expertise and market knowledge.


Errors we find on bills we validate

Peace of mind

Zenergi offer full European compliance for utility procurement and adhere to all rules and regulations set out by the OJEU tendering process. We can help you through the whole process and ensure the outcome is a successful one for you. You get full visibility of all responses and you can rest assured that we structure our approach to ensure you get best value and not just tick the box for compliance.

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