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We make a difference to over 2,074 educational facilities and businesses across the United Kingdom.
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Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix to providing you with a quote for power for your school or business; anyone who tells you there is probably isn’t paying as much attention to you as they should be. You know that every school or business is different, consumption varies, and facilities range from a few classrooms to a complex campus. Your needs are specific and individual, so we’ll need to get together.

Contact us now and we can fix a time for us to visit you. We’d like to take a look around and hear your thoughts, then we can put together some ideas and cost proposals to see how they fit with your plans. This service is quick, free, and you’re under no obligation to do anything. It’s an ideal opportunity for you to see first-hand how Zenergi will put you on the simple path to enlightening your power purchasing.

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Our number of UK clients

Here’s how to join Zenergi in three simple steps

Step 1

Please provide us with a signed Letter of Authority (LoA) on your headed paper

Step 2

Together with the LoA, please send for each of your meters:

  • Copy of your electricity invoice(s)
  • Copy of your gas invoice(s)

Step 3

And if you wish to use our additional services:

  • For water, 12 months invoices
  • For Telephones, 12 months invoices

Positive vision

We have supplied over 922,566,000 kWh of Local Authority, University and Further Education supplies.

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Utility health check

Three positive steps to enlightenment

Step 1

Data gathering

Letter of Authority and a copy of your latest bill for each meter as a minimum.

Step 2

Utility health check

We will contact your suppliers to obtain the pertinent supply / contract information which will enable us to provide our free utility health check to you.

This will be with you within 15 days at worst, but generally sooner!

It will provide an indication of present costs and a budgetary figure for the new contract(s). This is also a mini audit in essence which makes sure we have encapsulated all of your meters, the current costs and consumptions are correct and the information provided by the suppliers is consistent with what you know.

Step 3

The offer

After discussion with you regarding the UHC we will look to book in a day where we can provide an actual “live” price which will be available for acceptance on that day only. This will consist of:

  • The best contract rates for your organisation
  • An indication of your current costs
  • A budgetary figure for you new contract
  • The increase or saving compared to both
  • The top 3 suppliers who quoted for your business
  • The headline terms and conditions

We will be looking to provide our price to you at the lowest point in the wholesale market, but this will depend on what the markets are doing and what we agree you want us to achieve for you

If you accept our offer

  • Make sure termination is accepted by your incumbent Supplier;
  • As part of the acceptance procedure we will correspond with you with reference to DD & VAT forms;
  • We will confirm the contract starts on the day it is supposed to;
  • Invoices will be sent to Zenergi in order that we can validate them and make sure we record consumption data. They will then be sent to you with an accompanying recommendation letter;
  • Zenergi will take care of ALL energy issues – and become “your outsourced energy department”

Positive feedback

“We contacted Zenergi as we were looking to review our utility contracts. Zenergi provided a Free Utility Health Check in the short timescale I needed and ensured I had the information I required to take to the Governors. It was always going to be a leap of faith in terms of the future price but the current Electricity price we signed for was actually cheaper than our existing contract. We stayed with our current Gas provider as the contract had been secured when prices were lower. An all round good experience.”

Alison Hammonds
School Business Manager

“We moved to Zenergi in October 2011 and haven’t looked back. It is more than peace of mind that you are getting a good deal and advice you understand – the service is fantastic and the reports are clear and easy to use. As an Eco School we are able to use the reports to work with pupils to reduce our energy consumption in a positive manner. I needed financial information to do my year end – no problem!”

Dawn Boyes
Finance Director

6,311 School meters

We have supplied over 4,000 school energy meters and are the UKs leading independent energy supplier

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Energy saving ideas

The cheapest energy available is the energy you don’t use. You can spend a long time working on squeezing a price from 9.5p/kWh to 9.3p/kWh however if you don’t use that kWh at all it, of course, doesn’t cost you anything.

A lot of consumers jump straight to putting solar panels on the roof, installing a wind turbine, or physically changing equipment on site. This is not to say these are not worthwhile projects to implement, however, if you have no specific means of understanding or measuring the impact of these changes and, more importantly, how to replicate or maintain the reductions, then your energy management drive is often short-lived and loses its all-important momentum.

We like to help our customers through a journey outlined briefly below to ensure you are in control, understand what you are looking for, and are able to achieve a sustainable position with maximum results.

  • Plan
    Without goals, or plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination
  • Measure
    If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it
  • Understand
    Get to know everything you can about how you use your energy. Aim to understand what you use per category per hour
  • Review & Act
    If you do the same today as you did yesterday you will get the same result
  • Educate & Motivate
    In order to change we need the person in control of the switch or plug to understand the impact and benefit of their actions
  • Feedback
    Feedback is imperative to maintain the effect of any project, initiative, or cultural change
  • Invest
    The final stage once you have understood and managed your consumption to the best of your ability, is to invest in order to achieve further savings. At this stage you will understand the options available to you and clearly know which area will benefit most from the investment and provide the quickest payback.


  • Reducing the temperature in a building by 1ºC will save 5-10% of the heating bill
  • A dripping tap could waste as much as 20 litres of water a day
  • A set of ten computers and monitors left on 24 hours a day could save over £500 a year
  • Lighting is often more than 50% of a total electricity spend due to poor management
  • How do you know what you are specifically using when you are not on site?