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Contract Management

Your outsourced energy department

We have the experience and expertise and are only a phone call away. It really is as little or much as you like in terms of our involvement and integration with your organisation, if you want a 24 page report or 3 bullet points to take to your next meeting, just ask.

Even if we have not procured your contract, we can provide total management of your accounts dealing with all queries, validating invoices, to helping you find ways to reduce your bills and in essence become your outsourced energy department, dealing with suppliers, so you don’t have to. Zenergi will always be direct, simple, and polite and above all, we will be human. It’s as important to us as ensuring the energy and services solution we provide is unfussy and meets your needs. We want to make a difference and ‘go that extra mile’ for you.

Energy Suppliers are such big companies and can at times be very difficult to deal with so the thought process here is that we deal with them so you don’t have to. We have various ways of handling your requirements and ensuring this is managed across all the suppliers we use, with some typical examples below of the things we have in place:

  • Invoice exception follow up
  • Query and case resolution
  • Ongoing and completion of communications; notification to the customer
  • Supplier management and service level statistics
  • Escalation registers
  • Bespoke data requirements
  • Account management support and general advice
  • Debt and credit control management with suppliers
  • New connection and site change management
  • Change of status management
  • Zenergi deal with suppliers so the customer does not have to