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Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement in today’s market has become a complex task. Through our range of services we can help you achieve optimum results. Working with organisations of all sizes and in all sectors we assess your requirements and recommend purchasing strategies through our internal expertise and market knowledge. Fixed price tender negotiations allow you to benefit from greater supplier appetite, competitive offers, price transparency, reduced administration burden and budget security.

If you have a larger consumption and are either a commercial or large organisation that has an appetite for risk with all costs channelled into one budget we also provide strategy execution, bespoke flexible contracts and Value at Risk (VaR) performance products. With our support, you can be sure that we will provide a solution that meets your needs, whether it is managing risk, budget certainty, corporate responsibility or other drivers to deliver the result you need.

A typical process for any potential new customers is set out in this example:

  • Product requirement assessed. Fixed or Flex, inclusive or pass through, in advance or after the event
  • OJEU compliance assessed
  • OJEU notice submitted if required
  • Options to enable you to make an informed choice
  • Free Utility Health Check
  • Formal quotation on specified day with audit trail and top 3 suppliers
  • Squeeze suppliers and achieve best value not framework parameters
  • Individual contract for your school
  • Collaborative reporting or service if required
  • No terms and conditions or lengthy notice periods to tie you in

Zenergi offer full European compliance for utility procurement and will adhere to all rules and regulations set out by the OJEU tendering process. We can help you through the whole process and ensure the outcome is a successful one for you.

You get full visibility of all responses and you can rest assured that we structure our approach to ensure you get best value and not just tick the box for compliance.