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You can’t choose who you get your water from… yet.

A simple desktop audit of your charges will usually allow us to see if you are paying the correct amount based on your circumstances and questionnaire responses. If something doesn’t quite add up we can arrange to come to you and do a site survey to investigate things further however if as is well at least you have the peace of mind that it has been checked.

With a competitive market place on the horizon many water authorities are currently looking at ways to maximise their revenue and part of this drive has been to ensure undercharges on accounts, many of which are schools, are identified and retrospective payments obtained. What many organisations aren’t aware of is that retrospective charges are not fait accompli and that you can challenge them.

We have been engaged by many organisations who have recently fallen foul of this and been presented with very large retrospective charges. Not long ago, we were dealing with a water authority on behalf of a client who had been presented with a £143k retrospective liability, apparently discovered when the water authority were given access to their site.

If you would like to register your interest in us helping you with your Water contract when the market opens up in April 2017 please don’t hesitate to contact us.