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It’s not about what we offer it’s about what we can do for you, what you want from us and how we can make your life easier. We don’t have a list of things we do, but we do have vast experience. That means you can talk to us about anything to do with getting gas and electricity to your business sites - in a way that suits you.

We can solve your energy problems (or make sure none arise). You can let us work as a broker to find the best deal, or use us to interface between you and your suppliers so you can work with someone that cares about your business, rather than a call centre that doesn’t. We’ll be whatever you want us to be, but, above all, we’ll be human.

We’ll deal with your energy requirements in a way that makes you confident, happy and satisfied. From finding the right suppliers, through checking tenders to negotiating contracts, all contact you have with Zenergi will be direct, simple and polite. That’s as important to us as ensuring the energy solution we provide is unfussy and effective.

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6,311 School meters

We have supplied over 4,000 school energy meters and are the UKs leading independent energy supplier

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