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Our team

At Zenergi, teamwork is about sharing. We share common goals, we share your objectives and we share our skills and experience. Each member of the team is individually empowered to make a difference. We all hold a passion for serving you well and ensuring that your interaction with the complex and confusing world of energy is as straightforward and pleasant as it can be. But it isn’t a ‘you and us’ situation, we’re all on the same team. If you choose to work with Zenergi, you’ll join the team as we work together to make sure you have what you want.

Experienced team

With over 85 years combined experience in the energy sector on the management team alone, Zenergi have dealt with every conceivable aspect of giving customers the best energy packages, advice and service. In that time they’ve also been exposed to one sad, but undeniable truth: you, the customer, are not looked after as well as you should be. Customers are often forced to deal with people who don’t have the experience to provide the right solution and they are invariably treated as a source of profit rather than a person. Kevan and Rachel’s determination to change that drives the spirit of Zenergi.

Leading from the front, the Zenergi team apply skill and knowledge to customer needs and deliver the fruits of their work in a personable, human way – why can’t all businesses work this way!

Want to work with us?

Zenergi is a constantly developing team of committed customer service experts. We are always looking for talented individuals who are dedicated to delivering the Zen Way and being part of something special. If you think you have what it takes your welcome to send us your details and tell us why you should be part of our team.

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Positive choice

We have the experience and expertise and are only a phone call away. It really is as little or much as you like in terms of our involvement and integration with your organisation, if you want a 24 page report or 3 bullet points to take to your next meeting, just ask.

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