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Zenergi Continues to Excel

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We like to keep close to you our customer, and know what is required from the energy contracts we negotiate. Our invoice validation and contract management service is there to help make your life easier and the responses we had from our annual survey certainly back this up.

98.7% said we dealt with the contract renewal effectively;
99.4% said it was easy to contact the Zenergi team;
95.4% said we dealt with their query effectively;
98% said they found our invoice validation service useful.

Here’s a testimonial from Ann Butler, of West Houghton High School who was disappointed with poor information and service from her local authority:

“I don’t accept a poor level of service and uncertainty from any other category of procurement so despite everyone telling me I couldn’t and its too difficult for me to understand, we pulled together as a local group and set about challenging Energy.

It was a daunting exercise, as none of us knew our kilowatt hours from our standing charge and we embarked on a very steep learning curve. We supported each other through a number of very difficult meetings with the local authority and their suppliers and I am sure that without the collective strength we would have faltered.

I am really pleased to say having chosen Zenergi following a rigorous procurement exercise I now get the level of service I have every right to expect as well as more information and understanding than I ever thought I could use, so effectively what I want, when I want it and even with a smile and unconditional support to boot. Simple pleasures and sad I know but I framed my first Electricity bill, showed everyone in school, and have it hanging on my office wall as a constant reminder; we had finally cracked it !!

The support that all your staff, have given us has been exemplary! In my simple mind, for customer service you are the ‘Apple’ or ‘John Lewis’ of the energy world.”

If you’re not getting over 90% score with your current provider, why not get in touch with us!