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DCP228 – energy cost changes but will anyone notice ?

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Currently the highest charges are during the Red band period which is typically 4pm-7pm, with significantly lower charges during the Amber (day) and Green (night) bands when demand on the electricity system is lower. From April 2018, DCP228 will come into force and the charges will be distributed more evenly, bringing Red band charges down and Amber and Green band charges up. You can see the proposed figures and how it might affect you in the graph below, however an increase on Amber and Green rates of 450% and 1300% respectively, offset by a 60% reduction in Red rates means there will inevitably be some winners and some losers.

This type of change does of course provide opportunities if you are able to manage the times of your consumption, however investment required for this would need to be carefully considered and balanced within the wider context of overall energy cost.

If you would like any further information or would like to understand your individual circumstances in particular please don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Zenergi Customer Account Manager.