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1st April 2016 Government Charges Update

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Climate Change Levy (CCL) Rate Increases 01 Apr 2016

HMRC have confirmed the new CCL rates, which will be effective from April 2016.

Electricity Rate – 0.559 p/kwh
Gas Rate – 0.195 p/kwh

Don’t forget if your VAT status means you pay at the reduced level, then your invoice should be CCL exempt, therefore not affected by these updated charges.

Further Government Rate Increases 01 Apr 2016

If you are in a fully fixed contract, these increases will not affect the current charges for these elements as they were already pre-agreed at a fixed rate.   If you are in a contract where these elements are passed-through at cost, you can expect to see the new rates below from your next invoice.

Electricity FiT Rate – 0.495 p/KWh
Renewable Energy RO – 1.558 p/KWh
Capacity Market Settlement – 0.001 p/KWh
CfD Operational Levy – 0.005 p/KWh