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Isn’t it the wrong time of year to be getting LEAN ! – The Zenergi team have been working hard at it all year

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We would like to say a huge congratulations to everyone who took part and also for the improvements we have started to see already
The aim of the programme was to deliver real and sustainable business benefits in terms of improved process efficiencies, added value to our customers and improved problem solving capabilities. At the same time deliver a benefit to the individual interms of a nationally recognised qualification, a sense of ownership in the business, improved morale, and reduced hassle!
These improvements are designed to be sustained due to the continued involvement over the 12 month period. The course consists of a 5-day Lean Workshop (1 per month) supported by 10-visits of individual mentoring and individual coursework. Qualification is awarded based on the candidates ability to demonstrate working in a team to deliver a tangible improvement to operational performance e.g. improvements in productivity, reduced process lead-time, and identification of value and non-value add work etc.