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Currently, having already agreed a new supply contract, your new supplier will send a registration request to the current Supplier up to 28 days prior to the anticipated contract start date.  Once received, the current Supplier has 5 working days to decide if they wish to object to the customers’ supply leaving them.  If they do raise an objection, your new supplier and you are notified and would then have 5 working days to resolve the objection with the current Supplier.  The objection would either be removed in order to progress the original registration attempt, or upheld causing the attempt to be cancelled.
Following the industry change on the 26th June, the time you are given to resolve any outstanding objection is being reduced from 5 working days down to 1 working day.  This may impact the process of switching between Suppliers and needs to be recognized by all parties involved to ensure any potential issues are resolved in advance of the changeover date. The most common reasons for objection are unpaid invoices so be sure to make payment on any outstanding invoices before your contract end date
This change only effects electricity supplies and does not affect the gas registration process.