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Ofgem statement on Energy UK gas meter billing issue

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Following the announcement this week of Ofgem’s guidance on the investigation into the problems caused by mixing up measurements from older imperial meters with modern metric ones, we at Zenergi are working hard behind the scenes to ensure none of our customers are affected. Any customer’s with potential errors found will be contacted and this will be worked through to resolution by ourselves as part of the service we provide of course. Ofgem has also ordered the energy suppliers to ensure no customers are adversely affected and appropriate compensation is considered.

Although this is mainly domestic and SME based in terms of the wider investigation, we do have some examples from British Gas Business which we have highlighted previously as part of our bill validation process and although this may well be more linked to the issues British Gas Business have faced over the last 18 months we are committed to ensuring no stone is left unturned on our customer’s behalf. If you would like any further information or just want to know everything is ok with your account please don’t hesitate to contact us of course.

If you would like to see a copy of the open letter Ofgem wrote to the suppliers it can be found here.