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Our Market leading Net Promoter score is maintained despite the huge growth in customer numbers

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We recently received responses to our annual customer survey and we are delighted to say that our customers continue to hold us in the highest regard.

With an industry benchmark of 13 as a starting point it would appear the stakes are not that high but when you consider the range of a Net Promoter survey is from -100 to +100, we are very proud to see the results of our 2017 survey which gives us an nps score 63.

Here are some of the questions and the responses we received;  (Scored 7 or above)

How easy is it to contact the Zenergi team? 98.47%
How easy is it to understand our documentation? 95.75%
How do you rate our contract renewal process? 83.13%
How would you rate your relationship and the effectiveness of your Customer Account Manager? 95.73%
If you have had an energy query, have we dealt with it as well as you would like? 86.31%
Do you find our invoice validation service beneficial? 87.16%
How do you find our Positive Energy Pack Interactive (PEPI)? 69.33%

Clearly the next phase of our online Positive Energy Pack is going to be welcomed with open arms, however upon investigating this figure further it appeared that some customers were unable to rate this due to not logging in or using it just yet.