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Positive Energy Pack

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As we are always looking to improve; listen to our customers and stay well ahead of the market, we are launching the latest edition to our world class customer service offering. It has been sometime in the making however, each customer will now receive a Positive Energy Pack every month detailing the key facts and figures in relation to their Energy contracts with us, as well as the observations and recommendations made by their dedicated Customer Account Manager. Customers will be given the basic report as part of the enhanced service and although this may be filed 11 times out of 12 if everything is on track, at least once a year when you need to put your budget together you have all the information at your fingertips.

You also have the peace of mind that your dedicated Customer Account Manager is looking out for you using their experience and expertise to highlight anything you need to know. Customers can also choose to align the analysis to their specific financial year and send directly to internal stakeholders or estates managers for action or processing.

A second and third phase are already planned and in progress, which will include a lighter version for customers who just want to see the facts and figures as well as a more detailed multi-level analysis for our larger Multi Academy Trusts and  Commercial customers spread across the country.