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The Zenergi Family continues to grow

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All three join us with extensive Procurement, Supplier and Local Authority experience totalling over 60 years between them.

Jay Moosaye is the new Energy Consultant for the North East and West, Yorkshire, the Humber and Scotland joining us from his Head of Procurement role with Bury County Council;

Paul Shepherd is also performing the Energy Consultant role but covers the East and West Midlands as well as Wales and the South West at present, having just finished a ‘life sentence’ as the Energy Manager with Birmingham Council; he is now enjoying the new lease of life and enthusiasm that comes from working within Zenergi;

Jason Edghill is our new Customer Account Manager based in the Lyndhurst Head Office looking after our Southern based customers having had over 7 years with Corona Energy he knows how tough life can be to make things happen within Energy Suppliers.

These appointments have also enabled us to reallocate some customers and ensure consistency in the Customer Account Manager portfolio’s as well as providing a local support resource for our customers. Many of our Customer Account Managers are looking to get out and visit their customers in the coming weeks and months so hopefully you’ll be able to find half an hour to welcome us to your place soon.