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The Zenergi team are all ready and raring to go for the new Academic year following some World Class customer service training

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Hopefully you will start to see the benefits of the work the team have been doing and the coaching they are receiving. Our aim as set out in our CEO Kevan Walsh’s statement within our handbook below is to always focus on how we can provide the very best customer service to our clients.

“I would like Zenergi to be very different to other energy brokers / consultants, to achieve this takes constant work and needs nurturing on a daily basis.
I am not looking for solely intelligent, high-flyers with great looking CV’s and qualifications – what I need is quality people with the right attitude – one of hard work, in return for a good wage.
Zenergi sells itself on great customer care, in all aspects. Everyone at Zenergi should have the customer as their No1 priority, and everything they do must be customer focussed all the time. I am a very strong believer in giving great customer service and will not compromise on this, which means high standards at all times.

Work hard and you will get rewarded and please treat all people with respect both clients and your colleagues.”

Energy is Energy and mistakes happen no matter how great the company is. If someone is unhappy it is a fact that they tell everyone, there's nothing we can do about that but what we can do is ensure when they tell the story they go on to say … but do you know how Zenergi handled that. We are always looking for feedback good or bad so we can listen and learn so please share your experiences with us at or if you would prefer to speak with the man himself you are welcome to email our CEO Kevan Walsh on