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Worthing & Adur Eco Summit

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Around 250 Eco Warriors from 18 different schools attended the Eco Summit event where they heard from Key Note Speaker Emma Pinchbeck (Head of Climate Change and Energy - WWF UK) 10 surprising things about Climate Change that she has learned in her job. Pupils then split into small groups where they attended a number of fun and interactive workshop sessions many of which had a Climate Change theme or linked their environmental or sustainability themed workshops to current Climate issues.

In addition there was also an Eco Video Competition for E.Y.E. Project 'member ' schools. Shoreham College won £40 gardening vouchers donated by Zenergi for their video showing inspiring eco activities within school such as an energy saving initiative to buy an acre of rainforest.

At the end of the day pupils were asked to write comments about their day on cardboard leaves which were then hung on a dead tree, bringing it 'back to life'. Here are just some of the wonderful pupil feedback comments:

‘Best school day ever’

‘It was really nice! The things we learned were useful and now I’ll find way to save the planet!’

‘The E.Y.E. Project Eco Summit was a fun, unique way to learn about staying environmentally friendly and making a difference. I really enjoyed it!’

‘Today I had loads of fun learning about the environment and how we can change the world –I’m an Eco warrior!’

‘I promise that I will do my bit, turn lights off, make something out of rubbish and spread awareness because every voice counts’

‘I enjoyed learning how we can keep our environment sustainable’

‘Today we learnt about Climate Change, and how it is melting the polar ice caps and the effect on the ocean rising. I enjoyed everything that we did today, it was magnificent.’

‘I learnt that I can make a difference’

‘I really enjoyed everything at today’s Eco Summit as it was a great learning experience and lots of fun too!’

‘Adventurous, exciting, fun, amazing, well organised’

‘I think I might come here in Year 7 – its an amazing school’

‘This day has been enjoyable and all the Davison children have helped us. Thank you’

‘I thought today was amazing. I learnt a lot. I loved coming today! Thank you for having me’

‘I’ve had a great day thank you. You should do that again definitely next year.’