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Zenergi CEO, Kevan Walsh is profiled by Business Magazine

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Enlightened power purchasing is the ethos behind Zenergi, a very switched on company based at Lyndhurst. It was started by Kevan and Rachel Walsh 10 years ago and is an energy broker and consultant of electricity, gas, water and telecoms, specialising in business and education. Its focus is to secure the best solutions for customers, whether they operate from a single site or several, at a time when there is a huge amount of choice. Zenergi was formed to bring simplicity and directness and offer a breath of fresh air to those tasked with sourcing the best power supplies from multiple suppliers. As an independent, privately-owned business, with no ties or formal links to others, it is free to move through the market to identify and provide solutions, writes Sue Hughes of The Business Magazine.

Click here to check out the full interview and insight below into the journey of our CEO Kevan Walsh.