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    Zenergi – a customer service company specialising in energy procurement, invoice validation and contract management.
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    We promise you won’t get a frustrating touch-tone answering system, but a real person who is keen and empowered to help.
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    The Zenergi team are always looking at additional ways to save money on procurement and invoice validation.
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    “Our Auditors complemented us on our ability to keep our energy costs under control…” John Bueno, Bursar
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Utility health check

Three positive steps to enlightenment

Step 1

Data gathering

Letter of Authority and a copy of your latest bill for each meter as a minimum.

Step 2

Utility health check

We will contact your suppliers to obtain the pertinent supply / contract information which will enable us to provide our free utility health check to you.

This will be with you within 15 days at worst, but generally sooner!

It will provide an indication of present costs and a budgetary figure for the new contract(s). This is also a mini audit in essence which makes sure we have encapsulated all of your meters, the current costs and consumptions are correct and the information provided by the suppliers is consistent with what you know.

Step 3

The offer

After discussion with you regarding the UHC we will look to book in a day where we can provide an actual “live” price which will be available for acceptance on that day only. This will consist of:

  • The best contract rates for your organisation
  • An indication of your current costs
  • A budgetary figure for you new contract
  • The increase or saving compared to both
  • The top 3 suppliers who quoted for your business
  • The headline terms and conditions

We will be looking to provide our price to you at the lowest point in the wholesale market, but this will depend on what the markets are doing and what we agree you want us to achieve for you

If you accept our offer

  • Make sure termination is accepted by your incumbent Supplier;
  • As part of the acceptance procedure we will correspond with you with reference to DD & VAT forms;
  • We will confirm the contract starts on the day it is supposed to;
  • Invoices will be sent to Zenergi in order that we can validate them and make sure we record consumption data. They will then be sent to you with an accompanying recommendation letter;
  • Zenergi will take care of ALL energy issues – and become “your outsourced energy department”

Energy saving dashboard

The cheapest energy available is the energy you don’t use. You can spend a long time working on squeezing a price from 8.5 p/kwh to 8.3 p/kwh however if you don’t use that kwh at all it of course doesn’t cost you anything.


Positive news

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The zen way

Submit a meter reading

Please submit your facility’s meter readings to start a positive change.
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Free utility health check

It takes three easy steps. Why not try our online utility health checker.
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Health check

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