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Bill Validation

Over recent years we have seen volatile energy prices coupled with transformational policies such as the CDCM (Combined Distribution Charging Methodology) and the Electricity Market Reforms. The way in which energy infrastructure charges are calculated has changedbefore, with one in three meters being overcharged in the past six years, as part of this service we carry out the functions below to look out for you:

  • Invoices sent to Zenergi for validation
  • Invoices normalised in electronic format
  • Invoices validated using Invoice Rebuild Method
  • Where applicable, customers provide Zenergi meter reads which are passed to suppliers for invoicing purposes
  • Exceptions notified to customer and notified to suppliers
  • Validated invoices sent to site for payment within 48 hours
  • Incorrect validated invoices sent to site with explanatory letter
  • Data sheet and budget accumulator sent with validated invoice
  • Missing invoices chased and registered with customer