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Budget Recovery

We can review your historical bills and see if we can obtain any refunds.

Because suppliers use complex tariff and billing structures, organisations routinely end up paying more than they should or are charged for services they don't actually receive - without even being aware of it. This has a cumulative effect on your bottom line.

Since the start of deregulation in UK energy, billing data has become increasingly complex. At Zenergi we aim to keep our contracts as simple as possible without the all too common additional charges that just appear on the bill but there are currently over 1000 combinations of data that can make up a final invoice, many of which are not visible on the bill. Analysis has shown that over - charging is now common place and where contracts have not been carefully structured or managed in the past we can revisit these for you and aim to recover any overpayments.

Over recent years we have seen volatile energy prices coupled with transformational policies such as the CDCM (Combined Distribution Charging Methodology) and the Electricity Market Reforms. The way in which energy infrastructure charges are calculated has changed dramatically. As a result, billing errors are now more prevalent than ever before, with one in three meters being overcharged in the past six years.

There's no charge until payments are recovered and we would agree a percentage of the amount you get back as a fee for our time. So there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.