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Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix to providing you with a quote for power for your school or business; anyone who tells you there is probably isn’t paying as much attention to you as they should be. You know that every school or business is different, consumption varies, and facilities range from a few classrooms to a complex campus. Your needs are specific and individual, so we’ll need to get together.

Contact us now and we can fix a time for us to visit you. We’d like to take a look around and hear your thoughts, then we can put together some ideas and cost proposals to see how they fit with your plans. This service is quick, free, and you’re under no obligation to do anything. It’s an ideal opportunity for you to see first-hand how Zenergi will put you on the simple path to enlightening your power purchasing.

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Here’s how to join Zenergi in three simple steps

Step 1

Please provide us with a signed Letter of Authority (LoA) on your headed paper

Step 2

Together with the LoA, please send for each of your meters:

  • Copy of your electricity invoice(s)
  • Copy of your gas invoice(s)

Step 3

And if you wish to use our additional services:

  • For water, 12 months invoices
  • For Telephones, 12 months invoices

Positive vision

We have supplied over 922,566,000 kWh of Local Authority, University and Further Education supplies.

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